Gardening is a beautiful & wonderful activity for any age.

We all know this intuitively - but there are many current scientific studies reporting a wide range of health outcomes, such as reductions in depression, anxiety, and body mass index, as well as increases in life satisfaction, quality of life, and sense of community.

For these reasons - every community center, seniors centers, assisted living community, and hospital needs a garden.

In this context, self-watering gardens built with SIPs can help reduce maintenance costs and water usage. But perhaps more importantly, SIP Gardens can help gardeners, even with little experience, achieve garden success! That magical, rewarding feeling of harvesting that ripe tomato you grew from a seed. That feeling never wears off, no matter your age!

Kiwanis Self-Watering Community Gardens

  • Project Type: Community Gardens | Senior's Center Gardens | SIP Gardens
  • Client / Location: Kiwanis International | North Vancouver, BC Canada
  • Designer: LifeSpace Gardens
  • Installer: LifeSpace Gardens

About this Project

This project was built by LifeSpace Gardens  for the Kiwanis Tower in North Vancouver. It was a big moment for the entire community with many members waiting for years for their chance to grow their own food, so it was a very exciting moment. Even the local mayor turned out for the big event!

Not only are these gardens Self-watering, but a hidden value of the SIP system is that it completely protects the woodwork, allowing LifeSpace to build elevated raised beds on legs with bottoms that will last and not rot out over time. These elevated gardens help those who have trouble bending, and those who use wheelchairs to continue to enjoy gardening.

This Self-watering community garden is growing happily, allowing senior members of North Vancouver to remain connected with their food, their environment, their community and one another.
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