The GardenWells Self-Watering Advantage

Advantages of sub-irrigation

Sub-Irrigation isn't a new idea - it's old. It's as old as Mother Nature herself.

    In all the world's most bountiful growing environments, sub-irrigation occurs as water wicks up from hidden natural water tables, into the top soil, up to thriving plants above. SIPs allow you to emulate this amazing natural phenomena, and apply it to the urban growing environment.

      In Nature we see this take place in fertile river deltas, where the river water slowly seeps out and under the surrounding land, allowing plants and crops a continuous access to water - even under the hottest conditions and without rain.

      These days, almost all conventional irrigation techniques are designed to mimic rainfall - water from the top down. But rain is fickle, inconsistent and you often get not enough, or too much! Just like rain, when there's not enough, top watering is susceptible to evaporation. The water will evaporate before it has time to get down and reach the roots. Also just like rain, when there's too much, water will run off wastefully creating a mess and washing away nutrients.

      When you're reliant upon top watering, you're always at risk of water cycles that are too wet, then too dry. This can stress your plants. If you've ever read the back of most seed packs or seedling tags, it'll say something like: "Keep the soil evenly and consistently moist" and this is exactly the type of growing environment that GardenWells create.

      By using GardenWells to build sub-irrigated planters, wicking beds, or self-watering gardens, you tap into the power of watering the way nature intended.

      GardenWell benefits for Gardeners & Growers:

      self-watering advantage

          Ideal Growing Environment

            • As long as there is water in the reservoir, it will wick up evenly and consistently over time, creating the ideal moisture environment for your plants to thrive!
            • Because your plants won't have to go through stressful cycles of too wet then too dry, you can expect healthier plant growth and increased garden yields.
            • Drought Proof! Going through water restrictions? Fill the reservoir on your day to water, and grow with confidence.

            Simplified Growing Process

            • Water is most often the biggest variable when it comes too successful gardening outcomes. How much? How often? Too much? Not enough? All questions that even experience gardeners will sometimes get wrong... unless you're growing with GardenWells.
            • With a GardenWells, all you have to do is keep an eye on the float gauge and ensure there's water in the reservoir - then Nature will take over as the water is wicked up into the soil as needed.
            • Simple, and easy to schedule into your weekly routine.

            LifeStyle Balance

            • For many gardeners, it's always a struggle trying to balance busy schedules and summer time adventures with gardening responsibilities and daily watering.
            • Even in the middle of Summer, a full reservoir will often last longer than a week between fills. This allows you to escape for those long weekends and get away without water worries, and to come back home to thriving gardens and bountiful harvests.
            • Truly a game changer for many urban dwellers.

              GardenWells Benefits For Sustainability:

              self-watering sustainability

                Up to 80% less water Consumption

                • Compared to conventional top watering practices, sub-irrigation is precise,consistent and predictable.
                • Because the water is consumed as needed by the plants, rather than as dispersed by a system, you will never be wasting water and your water usage will be highly efficient.
                • Because the water reservoir is retained under the soil - not only does this capture excess water run-off and store it for future use, but it also makes SIP Gardens highly resilient to evaporation. For water to evaporate from the reservoir, it must first travel up through the roof system allowing your plants to drink what they need first.

                Rain Water Sequestering

                • With GardenWells, as rain falls on your garden it will seep down through the soil, and be collected in the reservoir, before filling up and flowing out of the OverFlow.
                • By using GardenWells, each square foot of garden space can sequester up to 7 litres (1.85 gal) of rain water. This means that a standard 4'x8' SIP Garden can sequester up to 224 litres or almost 60 gallons of water - more than most rain barrels!
                • When the reservoir is full, that water will then wick up into the soil over time as the plants need it.

                Drainage and Run off Control

                • In standard planter and container applications, GardenWells take the place of the rocks at the bottom of the planter, creating a void that helps facilitate proper drainage.
                • Even in ideal applications, most conventional watering systems cause significant leakage and mess as water seeps through the soil.
                • The OverFlow built into the GardenWells system allows you to direct all excess water and run off exactly where you want it and can be connected directly to a drainage systems eliminating mess and run off entirely.

                GardenWells Benefits for Builders and Designers:

                sip gardens for builders

                  Completely Modular

                  • GardenWells allow you to build self-watering Gardens almost any shape or size. This modularity is ideal for garden builders and designers, as it allows for creativity and an almost boundless application.

                  Increased Longevity and Rot Protection of your Gardens

                  • Most raised beds begin degenerating within 1 year of construction. The average raised bed lasts between 5-7 years.
                  • When you install GardenWells to create a self-watering planter, container, or wicking raised bed - one of the first steps is to line the inside with our Food Safe Waterproof Liner. Not only does this help create the reservoir, but it also completely protects the garden from the inside out.
                  • By protecting the woodwork from the inside out, you can extend the life of your garden 3-4x. Perhaps even longer.
                  • This one step almost eliminates the chance of rot, allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty and work-ability of wood, while also benefiting from the longevity of a synthetic.

                  Grow Anywhere

                    • Anywhere watering is a challenge - GardenWells can help you grow.
                      • Rooftop Gardens with high exposure and drainage challenges
                      • Balconies and Condos with no hose bib and mess concerns
                      • Yards with no irrigation
                      • Decks and patios where rot is to be avoided at all costs
                      • Schools with limited Summer maintenance support
                      • Businesses wanting to introduce edible gardens to staff/clients
                      • Municipalities wanting to reduce water consumption/maintenance