GardenWell SIP Kit 4&

GardenWell SIP Kit 4'x8'

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4x8 GardenWell Kit comes with:

    • 32 x GardenWells creating a 48"x 96" insert
    • 1 x OverFlow assembly
    • 1 x WaterStem assembly
    • 1 x Foodsafe Waterproof Liner, cut and folded to size to fit perfectly into the floor and inside walls of your garden.

GardenWells are the perfect kit for DIY-ers and garden professionals who want to make their own self-watering garden. It is the simplest and most efficient way to add sub-irrigation to your garden with long-lasting, water-saving, sustainable results.

Veggie Soil Depth - accommodates an interior garden wall height of up to 16" (3" deep Water Reservoir, up to 12" of soil depth, and 1" soil clearance)

Trees & Bushes Soil Depth - accommodates an interior garden wall height up to 24" (3" deep Water Reservoir, up to 20" soil depth, and 1" of soil clearance)